7 comments on “Mysore to Madikeri, Karnataka State

  1. Meditating into the sun you say, wicked. Really glad you both are getting into it and making cool new friends as well. Roll away on that dice I say :-)

  2. Hi Dave,

    Well it sound like your having a fabulous time. Really enjoyed reading about it anyway so keep positng your news!!!

    As always life is still hectic as ever back here in NZ especiall at Northpower!!!

    Take care mate, Renae

  3. Hello


    Read your article , Is it possible to pass on contact details of Mr. Anoop ? The gentelman owner of Land Rover in Coorg , am interested to make a trip to Coorg for Holiday & exploring the estate .

    Thanks in Advance .


  4. Namaste Raaj

    I will have a look but I may not have any contact details.

    I can however tell you how to get to his place, and I think it may even be mentioned in the lonely planet.

    When you arrive in Madikeri at the bus stand, you are next to a circular intersection. Go right up the hill, but away from the steep market bit of town to your left. Follow the road about 10 minutes. Past the Post Office. Past the Castle on the hill. Take the Road off to the right. Down this narrow road about 200m. On the left there is a beautiful house and garden. Probably with a Land Rover in the drive.

  5. Hello

    Thanks for your kind gesture – am sure this will entail me to try to get through to him .

    Can you be generous ? am looking forward to see some pictures if you hace clicked on 4×4 drive offroad in Land rover during holiday , in case you can send across & the route details possible on my mail id – georgian@del3.vsnl.net.in , am keen to participate in such holidays – this might raise my level of inquistivnesss to start get going .

    Am obliged towards your esteemed end
    Thanks & Best regards

  6. We have planned for trip to madikeri…Can you suggest which are the places can be enjoyed…Days: 1 night 2 days..
    from banglore to madikeri

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