2 comments on “jageshwar photos added

  1. Very nice pics – so crisp and clear. I’m sure there was endless subject matter all the time. Can’t wait to do a long trip again, to spend time just wandering and just learning a place through photos. You know how sometimes there is just one subject that you get photo happy with :)

    If you wanna get some good pics of sunsets out on the Prairies, then take a focus (half-press) in a part of the sky without the sun, then move the camera to include the sun and it wont overexpose from the brightness as it is metering for the normal sky.

  2. Cheers man! Yeah the ultra sharpness comes from the sharpen after the resize. You can get it sharper than reality really. It’s all a bit unfair.

    Yeah I always use that trick for the metering – although I just worked out how to shift hte metering spot about the picture as well so I’ll have to see if that is any use.

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