3 comments on “they’re made of meat

  1. He guys!! funny story..definitely a different point of view of life, eej Made me think of the science fiction books i used to read when i was little..such crazy stuff…food of the brains…. should look up for some books .. loved Joseph Farmer.
    Take care
    love, x

  2. Haven’t heard of Joseph Farmer. I’ll have a hunt and see what comes.

    Reading a really good book by Ian M Banks now. Nice full on Sci Fi. The man is a genius in many ways.

    Maybe I’ll add a book I am reading section.

  3. that story is very intresting and cool and i really like it and u can actually think that it is real and we are studying this a school so now that i have read it i willl be the fist person to know thanks for posting this on the internet

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