3 comments on “calgary [near] collisions

  1. Good luck on the Job Hunt!

    Are you going for the good old IT position, or something entirely new? My time in Canada gave me the chance to see the insides of the retail world as a Customer Service Representative (shop assistant), and the University staff culture as a Level 1 Library Assistant (book mover).

    Don’t you just love meaningless job titles :)

  2. I sent off two CV’s this week to IT companies in Vancouver. One was a power transmission company – as I would like to stay in the energy sector if possible. The other was to an outsourcing company – and they are the ones who have replied. At this stage I am really wanting to get an idea of salaries etc.

    Still will be interesting to have a chat and see how things are done. I didn’t trim my CV to North American short standards so will be good to get some feedback on that as well.

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