10 comments on “an inconvienient truth

  1. Hey guys. Nice one. Have been meaning to see this. Will make sure of it now. Makes you wonder how things would be if we had Al Gore rather than George Bush no?

    If you haven’t already seen it then The Corporation is well worth a look too.


    I especially liked the epiphany that one of the businessman featured explains having regarding sustainability.

    and did I mention it’s Canadian :-)

  2. I failed to see this just before we left Auckland. Maybe I’ll fire up the downloaders and see if I can’t leech it. Sounds well worth a look.

    Hey where’s your Blog?

  3. well I have had psytractor.wordpress.com going for a while although it is rather sparsely populated.

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  5. watched the movie.. in a science class. it was rele good.. we have to write an opinion paper ne one have ideas on what i should writE?

  6. Curious why so many Gore scientists now say they were mis-quoted. Aren’t these the very same types that told us we were in a period of “Global Cooling” just the other decade ago?
    Why is it that the last time there was any measurable increase in global temps was in 1996????
    Could it be that algore has simply found a way to “play on our fears”, line his pockets and keep his name in the media?
    His own “main” home uses as much energy in 1 month as 2 average homes use in 1 year.
    Another liberal hypocrite revealed at last for what and who he is!
    Thank GOD for George Bush, liberator of 50 million and counting!

  7. @ Blai all you need to do is look out your window and you should be able to see the evidence of a global change in climate. Don’t take anyone elses word for it, experience it for your self.

    ‘Global Temp’ – does this even exist? I understand it to be a calculation that is constantly being altered by who ever wants it to support their view point. Forget about it. Experience the change instead.

    Whatever Al Gore is – that is Al Gores business. Stop looking outside yourself for the solution to your problems. Any fears you have that Al Gore may be ‘playing on’ are your domain and your domain only. Something that only you can come to terms with – as you choose to or not.

    When you go on to criticize what Al Gore is doing to help alleviate energy consumption in his home, you show that you actually believe that cutting energy consumption IS important. If you think it is important what Al is doing to cut emissions, then those same fingers point directly back at you. Who cares what Al is doing. You worry about you and what you can do to ‘help’.

    Change can only occur from within. The outside world is just a consensual reflection of your and my beliefs. If we want to see a positive change (ie evolutionary) in society – then this can only come from a shift in consciousness.

    “Another liberal hypocrite revealed at last for what and who he is!
    Thank GOD for George Bush, liberator of 50 million and counting!”

    Labels Labels and more labels. Oh the duality of it all!
    Don’t you understand it yet? We are all connected. We are all the same. We are love. We are not the labels you give us.You are not your mind. I am not my mind. I am that. You are that. Al Gore is that. George Bush is that. God is that. There is no ‘other’. Labels are just labels. Your labels are just your labels – they are not the truth, they are the struggling of an egoic mind trying to fathom form from the chaos that is our experience of consciousness. There is no good or bad, there is no wright and wrong. For you to claim liberation you are placing your ‘superior’ moral opinion on other people, that they have been saved, and are now free. Before was worse, now is better. Who are YOU to say what is wright and wrong? Are you the Almighty?

    These people were always free they just didn’t know it yet. You too can be free. Free of your ego if you only choose. Take the first step, lose the close mindedness. Realize that everything you thought you knew is only learned, and therefore fallible. Discover new experiences, tap new knowledge, do the other thing. Who’s flying your spaceship anyway?

  8. wat a solid movie i learned a lot about global warming .i m going to start a fedaration trust with al gore inspiration in visakahapatnam in india.

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