46 comments on “how to link to a youtube video in wordpress

  1. Hi there. Clarification. You don’t post it in the HTML, just in the main text entry box, the message text area

    WordPress takes care of it from there

    Just replace the v=6960jAGCkiA with the one for your movie you want.

  2. I still don’t get it how it work? do i just paste it in the message? [ youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyG7spIHFl4]

  3. I follow what you have mentioned by pasting the into the message text box but when I tried saving it, what I see on preview is the following:

    Video (edit this)

    I don’t get the video showing up. What am I missing?

  4. @ Henry

    I copied your text from the above post into a new post. I pasted it in the Editor screen where you type your posts.

    I saved and continued editing and when the page reloaded I scrolled to the lower half of the screen where the preview is and could see the YouTube movie there fine. Something about a guitar?

    I hope you have it all sorted.


  5. Hi, I’m also having a problem with this.
    I type:

    in the message box. and i get this:

    in my page…
    do i have to enable/install anything?

  6. You’re the best. Super advice. One question: Is there a way to get the YouTube video to play directly from the post itself? (The way mine is set up, once you click on the video it opens up a new window and takes you to the YouTube.com Web site and plays the video from there.) Thx.

  7. gah i did everything, but when i click add blog, it said in red to please enter an api url. im like confused. i got the blog im using for my video, but brackets, and no space and like those things.yet it wont let me make one.here’s my URL

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  9. Hi all. Welcome to the un-official support line for YouTube embedding in WordPress.

    @ Faumeh October 24th, 2006 & lunatickitty October 27th, 2006

    “do i have to enable/install anything?” – Nope. Your browser probably has to have certain stuff enabled to play the clips but if you can see them in this blog, you should be able to see them on yours browser wise. There is no setting to control the YouTube it just works. Maybe you could try a different theme in case there is an issue there.
    I have copy and pasted your YouTube code exactly as it is in the comments above. In both cases I clicked New Post. Entered the post title. Clicked in the Post text box while on the Editor tab.

    I pasted the code and then a second time with a space at the start so you can see it is the same as in the comments above.

    I also commented on you selection of video clips. This service is also free of charge.

    I can see no problem with your YouTube code. That means you must some how be posting it in the wrong place. Are you trying to paste it in the title? Or maybe in a comment? It needs to be in the main test entry area of a New Post or New Page

    linkage: test posting

  10. @ beasley

    Hmm. Mine definitely plays from the post itself rather than in a new window. It may be a flash player setting but I can’t see anything. In a separate window when you click it you mean? I think if you double click it, it will open a new window/tab direct to the YouTube page. Maybe that is what you are doing?

  11. Hello,
    I am trying to add a Youtube video to my WordPress blog that is hosted on Yahoo!. I am getting the same thing as the people above. instead of it linking to the video it just repeats the same text in the post.

    turns into

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  12. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have tried and tried this is not working! I have read the FAQs!

    With GoogleVideo and YouTube I get the same result – instead of the video appearing I get the appearing.

    I have posted in the main “post box” and followed all the instructions any ideas?

  13. Help help help I am losing the will to live trying to get this to work, someone please talk me through this step by step

    Cheers iain (scotland)

  14. Well I’m trying to post a video using you tube auto insertion. Same result, it just plunks the code in and there’s no video window.

    To the person asking about resizing the you-tube window, you can’t it’s arbitrarily set by you-tube.

  15. I need your guys help…baisically i uploaded a video onto youtube, but it wont allow me to watch the video unless its off the original link, but whenever i try to search for the video is sais No Videos found for ‘Kobra Kahn prank call'(which is my video)…what shud i do

  16. Hi all. Sorry to hear you having issues. I thought I would suggest this little tip I just noticed.

    On the ‘Write’ screen where you upload pictures (for those who aren’t hosting externally on flickr or something) there is now (I say now because I hadn’t noticed it until this moment) a Video tab. When you select it you see:

    We have tutorials for embedding Youtube, Google, and Grouper video.

    * YouTube example:
    * Google example:

    So all you have to do is copy that and replace the v=AgEmZ39EtFk with your one.

    I have asked the Feedback line to maybe have a look at the functionality and/or documentation.

  17. There are plugins to allow code in posts being executed. There are also plugins that add buttons in your wysiwyg editor to embed video.

    I use standalone wordpress (not hosted on wordpress.com) and the bracket thing doesn’t work for me. I found out that it doesn’t work for many people, but I found no solution.

    I’m trying to find out whether the cause for not functioning is that I have a standalone wordpress setup.

    Is there anyone with a standalone setup that uses brackets method to embed youtube video’s succesfully?

    (youtube does let you post to standalone wordpress installations, using bracket method. that’s what’s confusing me…)

  18. @ lkidder
    I just looked at the movie on your blog and it looks fine.

    @ marine blast. Looked at your page and the seem to be there and working. Maybe issues connecting to YouTube?

    Are you guys still having issues?

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