5 comments on “google search privacy

  1. I still haven’t checked out Opera. Best I get off my lazy ass and do so. What are the benefits of Opera over Firefox I wonder? Firefox seems to do everything I want and need – but I am always open to new things.

  2. Firefox is a decent browser. If you enjoy using it, there’s probably not much reason to look elsewhere.

    Some of the things I like about Opera: the program saves all your open windows when you shut it down, so that you can continue where you left off the next time you launch it; in a similar fashion, it allows you to save your open windows as a “session”; it has a “duplicate window” function that I find really handy; and it’s very fast.

  3. Hey the Profile pictures are showing. They are really small? I think I’ll have to edit my pic.

    Anyway – Opera you say? I may have to download it and see. Saving sessions seems useful, although I must admit to just sending my PC to staqnd by most of the time now so that serves the same purpose, except it remembers all windows, not just the browser.

    It is really handy for me because I can’t always remember what I was halfway through doing the day before!

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