2 comments on “sweden oil free by 2020? a quiet revolution?

  1. There is hope! They certainly aren’t all talk either. I remember Sweden passed a law, some time ago now, that every town or city over a certain size had to have at least one gas station serving bio-diesel. Step by step…

  2. Good ol Scandanavians eh? I wonder how the world would have been different if the Norse were running the show eh?

    The thing is people/businesses just aren’t going to effect much in the way of change all by themselves, because it effects their bottom line ($). Having a government step in and regulate things isn’t my usualy solution for anything, but maybe, just maybe it’ll work eh?

    Imagine that.. Chances are that those crazy Finns will follow suit as well I suspect.

    Maybe it is the long winters, giving people time to sit and think. Who knows?

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