3 comments on “eglide power boards, electric skateboards for the masses

  1. I bought a E-glide Dewey Webber dual motor power skateboard a while back. After maybe 7 or 8 miles of use, the hand control stopped working. The guys at E-glide told me to purchase the all new control, only to find that the thing wasn’t compatible with the cord. So, I bought the cord and installed it just like they told me. Well, the pc board caught on fire. The guys then told me to buy a new improved pc board that lasted about two seconds, then they tell me to ship the 60 pound piece of crap to them in LA. Thanks guys, but I can’t justify the $700, let alone some giant shipping bill with a repair bill.
    Plan on working on this board by yourself alot more than you ride it!

  2. Great article on electric skateboards! I have written articles about the e-glide and they are awesome! I’m sure they have some set backs, but what a way to have fun on a nice day! Anyway, thanks for the great Blog post!


  3. I read simon’s review and had to post something here. I have been dealing with Dave from E-glide for a few years now(as a customer). First off, let me say that everything I have purchased from E-Glide has been awesome in the fun category and when I did have a problem with maintenance on the tires and belts, they either did NOT charge me anything or gave it to me for a ridibulously low price. I honestly can’t believe Simon’s post at all. These people are so loyal to their customers it is incredible and they value the idea of a RETURN customer. If there was something wrong with the board they would have replaced it and not charged a penny. I wouldn’t be surprised if Simon works for a competitor. I am about to purchase a new board from them and would put my personal reputation on the line to vouch for them. There is NO board out there that is higher than the quality they provide and customer service is OUTSTANDING! If you are in the market to purchase an electric skateboard go NOWHERE ELSE.

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