2 comments on “new apartment, magpie’ing 104 photoblog

  1. Hola. really enjoy seeing how your new home is getting ready little by little with all this great reused stuff. i keep on seeing nice things out next to bins here too but once i go back, they’re all gone. need to get more onto it i reckon. good on you guys and good luck for the new home =)

  2. Hi ya! I hope all is well in your neck of the woods?

    Pleased you are enjoying the pics. Someone commented it is a bit like a renovation show.

    There is a certain amount of joy in focussing on the small things. They often get overlooked.

    The trick is definitely to get things as soon as you see them where possible, as evebn ten minutes later can be enough time for them to disappear. Then again some stuff seems to hang about for ages!

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