3 comments on “greyhound sucks, greydog from now on!

  1. I don’t care HOW much you hate your jobs, greyhound drivers, GET ANOTHER JOB! Isn’t it amazing that these people keep their jobs? I have had bus drivers yell diatribes for five minutes, then yell ‘woo!’ I love Cleveland’ as he came into the town (yes this was the driver). Had another driver dare (how dare he?) look at m y destination and say ‘Why you wanna go THERE?” actually he yelled it. Then got yelled at for trying to pick up OUR property (bags). Everyone was sitting quietly at 11 pm at night when this complete nut job driver (these expereinces make you feel you are in another world of hell, while other people walk around the town happily) this guy shouted as he strode up and down the aisle, and we hadn’t even left the depot yet! I wanted to get off the contraption immediately, as this same guy yelled at 3:30 am ‘ooh I’m about to fall asleep, I need to get some visine for my eyes to stay awake’ Just what you want to hear from a DRIVER!!!!!

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