6 comments on “how to delete a track from itunes library while browsing a playlist

  1. Very helpful observation, particularly because iTunes help does not disclose it.
    On a Mac to do the same – permanently delete a song from a playlist AND a hard drive – is to press the following three keys: Command (Apple) + Alt (Option) + Delete.

    Another way is to rate all bad songs as 1 star (you can do it on iPod and within iTunes), then go to Library/Music, sort by ratings, select all 1 star songs and delete.

  2. nice tip.. and i have the answer for the confirmation issue you mentioned.

    if you press ctrl + shift + del, you delete it immediately -no questions asked.

    if you just press shift + del, you get a dialog box confirming whether you want to send the file to the recycle bin or not.


    p.s. the one star rating on iPod is a really great way to mark tracks for deletion later. I wish iPod had a delete track feature…

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