14 comments on “non computer of the future, today. holograms? portable projectors? invisible pc?

  1. Why have a keyboard? Seriously if scientists can make chips that read your thoughts and make robotic arms move why can’t they make one that would read your thoughts and type everything you’re thinking and same with pictures. Also make programming lot faster

    • Because technology isn’t advanced enough to separate what you are thinking at the the time from what you want to write down.

  2. This has got to be the next or last step before they start bringing out computers that sit on your clothes like in star treck, where they interact with you by voice and speech recognition (yes I am a big treckie fan).

    • If scientists can uncover a wreck deeper than they usually go, and if they can genetically recreate missing organs and limbs, than this is no surprise. Soon, we’ll be communicating directly with the PC, making it possible to (yes) talk to computers, so to speak. I wonder if we’ll ever project our own pictures onto a screen, like with memories? That would be cool. Real cool.

      • That is impossible thus far. Separating our neurological system threw technology is not going to work. There is another answer tho that will turn our civilization threw evolution. We will by then obviously, have adapted such a technological achievement that we should be able to project thoughts, images, ideas. Our minds are too weak, too slow and too uneducated to handle such a feet right now. I predict a technological advancement and human evolution will make first contact with an ai system and wireless os programming in 250-400 years from now.

    • those combadges… kindof like the bluetooth but on your chest. they could do it now, now that I think about it.

  3. We have had this since before you had the WWWeb, and it is simple and cheap as long as it doesn’t have to run Windows. At least 2 users, and today certainly 8, and color 3D, including keyboard, and arbitrary sound depth. It does not have more than 64K and can’t have more than 128K, yet is fast and powerful. I’ve heard it said that moon missions did not have more than 32K, but I have not seen anything NEW in 32 megabytes for about a decade. It would be obvious to anyone who agrees that Windows does nothing useful at the ridiculous rate of billions of times a second, and the secret relies on the fact that Reality is 3D, so simpler technology than television is capable of 3D interface, indeed, technology which can go entirely unnoticed as apparently irrelevant and trivial compared to the interactive massless image of a “computer” generated by the device.

    This tech is on our queue for release to public domain, since it is worth less than other projects. It is worth less because almost anyone can build it, and it can not run Windows. However, GREAT value maybe added with an app that occasionally turns blue and says “General Failure Reading Hard Drive”, an app that plays Solitaire, and an app that does nothing except waste time, named Anti-Virus. Because this device cannot get viruses, and anything that appears to is for fools who believe that machines can get sick. Fool the fools that good stuff is as defective as the other stuff they buy, and you create a market, it seems. Woud you like a remote control with 100 buttons with that? (All 100 buttons just do nothing but turn it on and off)

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