4 comments on “optoma HD70 projector and vista RC2 first look

  1. Hey paradineshift,
    Good to hear you are beavering away. All good here, off to Oz in Jan. Yay!
    Im pretty sure vista and office will be a world wide release at the same time on Nov 30.

  2. Off to OZ permanently like? Or just to check it out? It will be good for you! You’ll love it.

    Vista is worldwide release Nov 30th but only for Business. Retail doesn’t ship until 30th Jan.

    Microsoft has announced that Windows Vista will be broadly available as a stand-alone product or pre-installed on new PCs on January 30, 2007.

    Windows Vista will be made available to Volume License customers later in the month of November 2006.

    So Vista is pretty cool. I’ve got things sort of set up how I want but I generally find it is sluggish. I think the unavailability of ATI drivers for my Radeon 9700 DV are probably the biggest bottleneck

  3. Hello,

    I was interested to know if you experienced any issues with getting the projector to work with Vista? I have an older (4 yrs?) InFocus X2, and Vista does NOT like it one bit. Seems to cycle through all the possible resoultions, and not settle on one. Can’t seem to figure it out…


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