6 comments on “flight of the hampsters

  1. There are some tricks for sure to getting greater distance. Horizontal angles when possible. Makes the skateboard useful as well. You can click the mouse quite fast to keep your hamsters nose up so to speak. But the best trick is to work out the ‘paths’ of bonus items. Then you can follow the trail for really long distance. Oh and don’t forget to go really high just so you can see the stars!

  2. Hey mate… i am playing this game alot in my office…

    my records are: 871feet
    total 5: 2124 feet

    tipps: stay flat and use as much rockets as possible… + fast start dont push it to top. get it as soon and flat as possible ;-)



  3. I also play this game often. I noticed that if you get high enough in the starrs there is another section with clouds and what looks to be extra power-ups. However, I have not been able to access them. Am I just making this up?

  4. 1 Hammy record: 1,342
    you can click the mouse if your really close to the ground and there’s no tramp. don’t do it to often or you’ll go really high into space come down very fast and crash. one thing I don’t know is how to use those ramp skateboard things if you know how tell me.

    go cross country
    go soccer
    go basket ball
    go track

    PS I’m on all those team. I have straight A’s

  5. You can use the skateboard. When you get a a skateboard you can use on the ground. But you have to make sure you’re not falling down. If you make a horizontal landing (which won’t happen very often) you can slide one a skateboard for some time. The skateboard appears underneeth the belly of the hamster. If you’re lucky, you can slide all the way to the next tramp.

    You can make sure that you fall horizontally by using the vans that make your hamster go straight forward.

    Good luck.

  6. Wow. If you just keep clicking really rapidly you can fly forever and ever. Your game will get a bit weird.


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