3 comments on “beautiful personal submarine design

  1. The Submarines look nice and you can go for a ride. I have designed some of the same submarines to do a day trip and weekender trips.
    I have designed live on board submarines with green power systems.
    Battery charging systems is key to my designs. Surface running speeds and there are two designs for that, one is electric, and one is a Hydrogen / Oxygen combustion engine. There is a real Nicola Tesla inspired third power system I am currently developing right now threw a proto type build. My energy designs are being developed for homes, personal vehicles and more. I have designs for new cars and skateboarding as well. I have had to design all over the “map” to try to develop a new product that will fund my future products. The search is on going or perhaps an investor will stop by.
    Thank you, FutureFuelH2O@aol.com KK 2 24 2011

    • It’s 2016 now and I have talked to so many people, the way it goes, the “poor” people are all for it. And the “rich” people are not interested in it. So I sit with even a new system that turn seawater into abundant fresh water, off grid and self contained. And I get the same results. With a twist, the poor say give it away. The rich ask, well how does it work? ugh, I have a multi trillion dollar idea and all I want is a house, some land in the country, with a live stream, and a shop I can walk to to build my inventions. I would trade the seawater system for that. Yeah and that is to steep for the poor and I guess that’s right where the rich want it. Unattainable goal. I guess it’s just as well, I would have built my space ship by now and left long ago. Oh, you don’t know how to do that magnetic energy systems yet? Oh, it comes in handy in “future” submarine designs. Keep working at it, you’ll get it. I haven’t checked my email address in years; FutureFuelH2O@aol.com perhaps in a few days I’ll check it out to see if anyone ever contacted it. I don’t see any reply s here. Take care, be safe.

  2. I have been thinking about designing a privately owned submarine as well & decided to google search in order to find out if there were some already available. I like your design although I had some different idea’s. Perhaps we could discuss this. I would not be in any position to assist you financially though but it is cool to dream

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