2 comments on “mozilla songbird – a first look

  1. The main thing I like about SongBird is the ability to find a bunch of music on a site (like Captain’s Dead or Free Albums Galore), and have SB “find” the tracks automatically, and I can just hit play, and they’re queued to play. Pretty normal, ‘cept that I can then browse away, and they’re still in the playlist. Hear something you like, and want to keep? Go into the playlist and select Download. Simple

    Over time (and as Firefox deals with the memory-hog issue), I can see this becoming a decent weapon when it comes to finding new music without necessarily downloading it all, or having to maintain unruly playlists.

    It may not be perfect, but it is fairly “grandma-proof,” for now. Like you, I’ll be keeping it on my watch list.

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