16 comments on “psytrance festivals europe 2008

  1. please tell me there are more psychedelic festivals!! i ve been looking everywhere, but i cant find info on parties during july!! it would be death to miss the never ending goa party this summer!

  2. These two are the most notable so far. I am sure there are others in Germany, Hungary, Switzerland etc. You can try some of the trance forums to find more details perhaps? If you do find any more interesting ones – please let me know and I’ll add them…

  3. I have just relocated from Cape Town South Africa (home to some of most awesome psy trance partys in the world!!)) to Edinburgh…where can I go???????

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  5. @ Emme

    Hi Emme. The Hadra festival is in France. Hadra is a good label. Not afraid to do something a little different. Good full on Psychedelic style – and from looking at the Hadra line-up I’d say that this would be a great one to get too. If you know of more [French] festivals – please let me know and I’ll try to add them

    @ Svebor

    There will be some Switzerland festivals for sure. I’ll try to talk to a mate there and see what he recommends. Also check out Boxens festival:
    http://www.boxens.com/boxens_2008_uk.html (other languages available on site)

    and here for all Swiss party/festival info (sorry my Swiss isn’t so good..)

  6. aurora festival – greece-

    Hallucinogen Live
    Sphongle DJ Set
    Younger Brother Live
    OTT Live + DJ Set
    Logic Bomb Live
    Talamasca Live
    Pleiadians Live
    Vaishiyas Live
    Liquid Soul Live
    Andromeda Live
    Vibrasphere Live
    U-Recken Live
    Bamboo Forest Live
    Massive Live
    Sirius Isness Live
    AES Dana Live
    Asura Live
    Solar Fields Live
    Symphonix Live
    True Lies Live
    U-Recken Live
    Freakulizer Live
    Klopfgeister Live
    Midimal Live
    Zen Mechanics
    Sun Control Species
    Kularis Live
    Nok Live
    Daydin Live
    Aerospace Live
    Dualism Live
    Dualsnug Live
    Jey & Ex
    Prometheus Live
    H.U.V.A. Network Live
    Cosmic Tone Live
    Vibrasphere (Downtempo) Live
    Carbon Based Lifeforms Live
    Lightsphere Live
    Quantum Live
    S-Range Live
    Chromosome Live
    Galactika Live
    Protonica Live
    Visua Live
    Visual Paradox Live
    Visual Contact Live
    Ultravoice Live
    Earsugar Live
    Audiomatic Live
    Audiomatrixx Live
    Magnetrixx Live
    Rocky Live
    Doc DJ set
    Miraculix Live
    AKD Live
    Agent-17 Live
    Frechbaxx Live
    Ion Live
    Fatdata Live
    Sensifeel Live
    Cycklones Live
    N.A.S.A Live
    Psynthex DJset
    B. Moon DJset
    Aquatica Live
    Cell Live
    Nordlight Live
    Quantize Live
    Frequent Pill DJset
    Conwerter Live
    Pause Live
    Headroom Live
    FlipFlop Live
    AMD Live
    Paratech Live
    Safi Connection
    Direct Connection
    Terra Nine
    Billys Dj set (downtempo)
    Goaalex Dj set (downtempo)
    Cuich Dj set (downtempo)
    I. Fairy Dj set (downtempo)

    All artists are 100% Confirmed.

    Location North Greece :: Asprovalta (near Thessaloniki)
    20000 Capacity
    / Camping Area
    Sea / Trees / Grass / Mountains
    Entry fee Presale starts at 15 april

    70 Euro 500 LIMITED Edition Aurora
    80 Euro Till 15 June
    100 Euro Till 15 August
    120 Euro @ The Gates

  7. Hello my name is DJ Kidd Kurrupt am from the United States and I play all forms of trance music.I would like to know how can I dj at some of these festivals for this year or next year ?

    • Hi ya

      You should be able to find the artists page for the sites and submit a demo to the organisers. They’ve probaby changed a bit but some of the big festivals are every year and the web sites are often the same…

      Good luck!


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