47 comments on “how to skin outlook 2007

  1. You can do this in any office app. the tricky thing in outlook is that you have to open up an appointment, then click on that appointment start, go to editor options and change the color there. It’s a little out of the way but not so round about as you make it seem

  2. @ Jade

    Great to know (also not just an appointment, also a message)! Thanks for adding that. I just hadn’t noticed that the editor was a different menu than the main Outlook menu, one that includes the color options.

  3. Why can’t Office just inherit the global Windows settings? Why does it insist on it’s own frickin’ styling. I don’t like Aero. I can change the settings for Windows to something a little more conventional, but Office insists on using that Aero look whether or not I want it or not. So all windows are the same except those of Office. Incredibly arrogant of Microsoft (or at least the Office developers).

  4. Great tip, not that easy to find the old functions in Word 7. It is not a black screen but dark great and much better contrast. thank you

  5. you don’t need to open word, just create a new email and click the outlook start (upper left icon).

  6. Oh my goodness, thank you soooooo much! That blue was driving me crazy!! I love the new look. Forever grateful…

  7. Thanks a lot

    Color Scheme option is also available inside Outlook:

    Tools + Options
    Click “Mail Format” Tab
    Editor Options
    Popular (Choose Color Scheme in the right pannel)

    Color Scheme applies globaly to all Office applications


  8. Thanks for the info
    I too found the blue too much
    Silver is much better
    The whole is so cluttered though
    Anyway of changing it

  9. God BLESS YOU!!!!!
    i used silver in word and saw no improvement/change in outlook- still 3d bordello pinball machine look.. the black is the ticket!!!

  10. Hey thanks!
    So why did they make it so you have to go through WORD to get to OUTLOOK???

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