arrival in bangalore, then down to mysore

Over the pacific

Over the Pacific (Over the Pacific Ocean, Earth)

The generic “we’re on holiday” shot.

in the plane

India Bound (Over the Pacific Ocean, Earth)

We have no idea the shock that is about to rock our world. India here we come!

tiny banana

I’m a Giant (Bangalore, India)

So sweet. So yummy. We lived on bunches of these tiny bananas from street vendors. Every state we travelled to had different varieties and sizes of bananas. Some shops would have 4 or 5 types available. Amazing.

Bangalore Traffic

Bangalore Traffic (Bangalore, India)

A quick snap of an intersection in Bangalore. This is pretty sophisticated, even with a countdown timer until light changes. The Yellow three wheelers or Auto-Rickshaw, or just auto were our main form of transport when we weren’t going by foot or local bus.

Bangalore Gardens

Bangalore Gardens (Bangalore, India)

Referred to the lung of Bangalore, this park doesn’t have a hope in hell of keeping up with the pollution the vehicles produce but it helps. as far as parks go for India, this one is in pretty good shape although you get and idea of the state of some of the walkways from the crappy wire fences and the concrete tub with the hole in it. Attention to detail is not an Indian trait it would appear.

bangalore park

First of Many (Bangalore, India)

So this was our first experience with Indian tourists. It became a common theme of the trip, people wanting us to take photos of them, or them taking photos of us. By then end we decided that being famous must suck.

brides wanted

Brides Wanted (Bangalore, India)

Everything is different. It hits you like a sledge hammer between the eyes for the first little while. This was taken from a daily paper – a perfectly proper way of getting hitched.

Beautiful bus rider

Deluxe Bus (Bangalore, India)

Our first bus trip and we ended up on the super deluxe, AC bus to Mysore. Oooops. That was expensive. Oh well. Live and learn.

pilgrims suv

SUV Pilgrims (Bangalore, India)

The’re everywhere! SUV’s filled to the brim with male pilgrims. Boys weekend away anyone?

Toxic Bangalore

Toxic Bangalore (Bangalore, India)

So so sad. Polluted waterways everywhere you look. What to do?

bangalore traffic

Typical traffic (Bangalore, India)

Snapped from the bus as we leave Bangalore. This could be any street in India. Man shifting his goats on the footpath while man with overloaded bike takes his firewood to town.

rooftop sunset mysore

Rooftop Sunset (Mysore, India)

Our first location after arriving was Mysore. It was a good option and we met a bunch of other new arrivals, as well as some more travelled people. We took over the roof top and spent a good few hours every night chilling and watching the world go by.

Rooftop View Mysore

Rooftop Views (Mysore, India)

For the longest time I couldn’t get it out of my head that I was watching the most complex and detailed 3D immersive computer game. A virtual Reality. Space Travel. Then I realised that I was.

Rooftop Mysore

Serious Chilling (Mysore, India)

Rooftop Restaurant (Mysore, India)

One of our first nice meals out with other travellers. Night time is always busy as it is a lot cooler than wandering around during the day. How civilised!

Lovely Gal

Sunset Smiles (Mysore, India)

We took a bus ride up a nearby hill to see our first temple. We decided to walk down the pilgrims stairs giving us a lovely view across Mysore as the sun set.

Mysore Temple

First Temple (Mysore, India)

Local bus trip to the top. Stunning architecture. Why is this the only place that attention to detail is apparent? Is it because it is old?

Stair Cow

Stair Cow (Mysore, India)

Cows become such commonplace, but at the start of the trip were so obviously noticeable. You just learn to give way. This one was traversing the 1000 pilgrims steps to the top of the temple. You can see that it has already been blessed.

Temple Village

Temple Village (Mysore, India)

At the top of the hill there was a small village and loads of pilgrims. Our first encounter with persistent urchins.

mysore palace

Mysore Palace (Mysore, India)

Every Sunday and Public Holidays (today!) the Palace is lit by 40,000 odd light bulbs. Pretty stunning

mysore palace

Front View (Mysore, India)

Mysore palace

Another (Mysore, India)

mysore palace

Last Photos (Mysore, India)

Well this is the last image taken on my camera before I decide to juggle it onto the ground, there by rendering it out of action for the next few months. Oh well – I guess I’ll have to stop hiding behind it. Turned out to be a blessing in disguise (apart from the $ to repair)

5 comments on “arrival in bangalore, then down to mysore

  1. quite interesting to read. obviously there are visitors who come and enjoy here!
    pics are all nice and professional!
    one correction! the description of the item of the picture’ street view’ showing a load on a bicycle is actually cups made of dry banana leaves which are used in rural areas in place of plastics. the cups are stacked and packed into a stack which looks like a firewood item which is not!

    C.R.RAMAPRASAD from Bangalore

  2. i lived in bangalore for about 1972 1980- i did not find the wire fenches crappy they served thier pupose the culthure has a differnt way and the crap is in the eyes of the beholder i went to rock festables and heard many if it did not end comments about it i saw one thing others saw other things i thought india as what a rock fest would look

  3. hoi i’m Katrien and we go this week to India for holliday ,olso Mysore Bangalore ,the part of zuid,greatings ,and you have great picturers !

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