Pig Fairground (Almora, India)

We headed off from Kasar Devi on our way to Jageshwar a small temple town an hour by shared jeep. On the way to find a jeep we came across these huge pigs sunning themselves beside the local refuse dumping spot. In a typical example of Indian decrepitude you can see what used to be (or will eventually be?) a spinning tea cup fair ride. Currently a dumping ground for masonry. Go figure.



Satellite Streets (Jageshwar, India)

Jageshwar is a tiny place set beside a river, and around an important (yet small) temple complex. It felt like stepping back a few hundred years, that is until you notice the satellite dish at the end of the street. Typical of India's mix of old and new.

Town and Temple (Jageshwar, India)

This is virtually the whole town. The temple is just left of centre in the distance. A beautiful place with lots of old growth trees. One of the prettiest places we saw in India.

Tiles and Temple (Jageshwar, India)

Just beautiful. Especially the bright blue tarpaulin and stunning overhead powerlines. Beside our guest house was a good example of planning. The first floor of a building was nearly completed and the second floor was underway until someone happened to notice the overhead power cables at head height running through the middle of the room. Needless to say construction had been halted for a month or so – and will probably stay halted indefinately. Another day in India.

Full Moon Rising (Jageshwar, India)

We had come especially to see this sight. The full moon rose directly inline with the temple, over the tops of the trees illuminating the village under its rays. Wonderful.

Moon Silhouette (Jageshwar, India)

Probably my favourite photo from India…

Women Harvest (Jageshwar, India)

Full moon and harvest time go hand in hand. In India women do the majority of the work, including the manual labour, while the men sit around and drink chai. Strange but true.

Wonderful Wood (Jageshwar, India)

Some of the buildings in the town were obviously ancient and many still had their intricately carved wooden door frames and windows. I don't know what has happened but nothing made recently seems to have any quality to it much like in the West. Such a shame.

Knotty Issues (Jageshwar, India)

After spending a few weeks at Kasar Devi with virtually no water, my hair had suffered. It is virtually impossible to brush if it isn't wet so it had been neglected. It took an hour to get it untangled and get rid of the mini-dreds that Jah had gifted to me.

Princess Leia (Jageshwar, India)

Close up of a masterpiece. Personally I liked the look. A bit alien, but very amusing.

Steep Walking (Old Jageshwar , India)

We headed out for a bit of a walk towards Old Jageshwar. It was pretty steep and with the changing altitude was hard damn work. The landscape was similar to New Zealand's temperate climate, and I spotted a few plants I recognised. Good exercise.

Taking a Moment (Old Jageshwar, India)

A well deserved rest at the top of the mountain at an old cottage.

Mountain Smiles (Old Jageshwar, India)

Well it's all downhill from here – at least until we decided to turn around and come back. We both enjoyed the walking and made it a bit of a habit while up in the mountains, the best [only] place you can get away from it all in India.


10 comments on “jageshwar

  1. hi ,
    me too a regular visitor to Kasar devi,
    despite the lack of basic aminities,place is awesome
    hope you enjoyed some good food at Mohan’s Cafe.


  2. hi im anuj kr soni… i hav recently visited jageshwar….. i found it realy beautiful place……. actually v had to go to artola for documentation… im doin architecture 1st yr. from delhi-india…. u had a gr8 time 2 as i can c in ur pics n comments… its really nice to share ur experience wid other… marvellous. actually i wana kno d climatic conditions… flora n fauna n topography of artola…. so i found u on d way of my search…. its gr8 thnx bye

  3. Nice pics and write up. I’m a huge Jageshwar fan also. My favorite place in Kumaon. Thank’s for the memories!!!

    Can’t wait to get back there!!! Boom Shankar!!!

    • hey,
      come to my house in jageshwar- the oldest one and the most beautiful
      shailendra 09818258392

  4. hi friends I live in artola if aver have some place problem so please visit to my house and Musem at artola I have a nice collection of old things my cell phone number is 9411995759 and my name is Kamal bhatt

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