juan de fuca trail – mystic beach (part 1 of 2)

Ferry Ride (Vancouver, British Columbia)

It was a fantastic Friday morning and four intrepid folk set of for a 3 night camping trip to Mystic Beach on the Juan de Fuca trail, West coast of Vancouver Island.

Self Portrait (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Though it was hot and sunny I cleverly forgot about the ferry part of the trip so was wearing my thinnest t-shirt complemented by goose bumps. Still the fresh air was fantastic.

Westward Bound (Victoria, British Columbia)

We sort of followed the Red highway off the left of this map then up the coast for an hour.

Intrepid Hikers One and All (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

The mules are loaded. Lets see if we can’t wipe those smiles off!

Mystic Map (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

You are here. We only walked 2kms from the Juan de Fuca Trailhead to the beach, rather than some of the longer multi-day trails people were doing.

Mystic Signs (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

High tide eh? Well I wonder what happens on a full moon then? High enough that it came right up to the edge of our fire – let me tell you! Just beside this sign was the “Warning Bears Spotted” sign. Some hikers had their packs stolen apparently.

What are you doing here? (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

We bumped into two friends over from Europe on the same beach and convinced them to stay another night!

Firepit Evaluation (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

Honestly, I’m helping put the tent up, honest. Actually I am scoping out the complete lack of firewood under log size on the whole beach. Damn this place has been picked clean, and judging by the firepits, it’s going to get cold.

Kitchen Setup (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

Let the weekend of amazing camp food culinary delights begin.

Camp Stoves (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

Now if we can just get these going…

Sunset (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

The only good sunset from the three nights we stayed

Full Moon Approaches (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

Canoodling under the stars. These damn foreigners, they wouldn’t be doing that in India!

Ahh that’s why it’s called Mystic Beach (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

The morning of day two saw the mist roll in and visit for a good number of hours. Talk about adding a surreal touch.

Dog Packs ?!?! (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

This was a first. Fair enough that the dogs carry their own food I guess. This dog was m ore than happy. There was even a convienient carry handle to lift him over large obsticles! Strange to see dogs on trails, but here they are good for keeping the bears and cougars away from your camp sites. No seriously. All the food had to be stored in the bear caches, metal lock up bear proof boxes every night.

Partners in Grime (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

Enough said. you can’t take these two anywhere there is going to be a camera. Monkeys!

Thermarest Chairs (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

Great invention of a sleeve to go around your sleeping mat with straps to hold it upright. Viola – a comfy seat!

USA (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

When the mist clears you can make out the US coastline where I guess I’ll be heading soon to do my Buffalo Shuffle visa finale.

Seedy Sea Lion (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

We could smell this while still hiking the trail to the beach. Turned out to be a good night time marker for finding the nearby toilets. Isn’t nature wonderful?

Delighted Dishes (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

It is nice how the simplest of task can be a cause for celebration.

Moving Camp (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

With a few hikers setting out on the trail we decided to upgrade our campsite to one with sun shade and bonus firewood!

Supervisory Role (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

Good vantage spot from here to allow me to ensure tents are aligned just so while documenting the process on camera. “I am helping. I am helping”

Chill Out (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

Now that all the work is done for the day we can get into some serious relaxation. Hammocks that fit in a trail pack are wonderful. It’s all about the comfort.

Water Purification (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

5 drops here. 5 drops there. Wait 5 minutes and drink in 15. Magic. Could have used some of that lovin in India.


3 comments on “juan de fuca trail – mystic beach (part 1 of 2)

  1. it breaks my heart to see my old home of the ’70’s mystic beach featured on the www. used to be near impossible to find it and thus making it a haven for those seeking privacy and tranquility away from victoria vacouver. .the world. sort of like seeing pictures of your fave lady lover splashed over the pages of penthouse….heart breaking to say the least. i pray that it has not been trashed and abused by beer chuggin cigarette tossing aluminum foiled barbequed tbone steaks n old newspaper tossing yahoos.

    • It’s hardly featured. Talking about good places doesn’t change the way people treat them. There are (and were even in the 70’s) yahoos to be found anywhere, anytime. Addressing why? Thats a bigger question but imcrease in population since the 70’s and the me now and the gimmie gimme generations spawned from the loins of the capitalist parents are a big part of the issue. That said there are some perfectly lovely people come to this planet since 1970. There just a bit few and far between

      • Featured as in “glossy photo” in a BC Prov. promotional info package…available for a couple of years now.

        Thats when it hit me…looking thro’ that promo lit. and I did a double take…knowing I recognized the location in the spread. Then I read the small print caption….”Mystic Beach”.

        J Geils Band did it…my girlfriend was a centerfold!!

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