kasar devi (tranquility)

Red Face (Kasar Devi, India)

Returning to Kasar Devi we moved into a retreat a good 20 minutes walk down from the ridge. Time for some solitude and serious relaxing.

Papaya Cave Complex (Kasar Devi, India)

So much fantastic and cheap fruit in India. Papaya seeds it turns out are good for flushing out the stomach and digestive tract. A useful discovery.

Museli In-Glish (Kasar Devi, India)

Some of the English on signs and packaging is so funny. This museli is great for avoiding slacking and dowdy. Nice one!

Mouthharp and Belt (Kasar Devi, India)

A pocket for every occasion.

Moi Noir (Kasar Devi, India)

Matchbox Collection (Kasar Devi, India)

Throughout India cigarette lighters are a luxury only the foreigners can afford. The prolific matchboxes have varying pictures and brands on them. As we traveled we picked them up whenever we saw them and ended up with a sizable collection of which this is a part.

The Love of my Life (Kasar Devi, India)

One of my favourite photos from the trip and it was taken without looking. What does that tell you about my composition skills? Ha!

I Love You (Kasar Devi)

The door of our room at Tranquility Retreat

Big Toe (Kasar Devi, India)

Sneaky sneaky.

Crochet 101 (Kasar Devi)

Having been taught crocheting while up on the ridge, skills are put to good use making a sock beret to cover holes in my socks.

Sock Beret (Kasar Devi, India)

The beautiful finished product! Got to love it. Here begins the Crochet World Domination Tour 2006.

Candlelit Reading (Kasar Devi)

One of the 40 odd books that were consumed in India

Candlelit Relaxing (Kasar Devi, India)

Bug Life (Kasar Devi)

There are so many fantastic bugs and all so keen on getting aquainted with you. The butterflies are even more spectactular with so many different shapes and every colour you can image.

Cottage Retreat (Kasar Devi, India)

Tranquility lives up to it’s name as we visit our friend who gave us our route of places to see while travelling from the South of India to the Himalayas. Tranquility was the last stop.

Beanbag Bliss (Kasar devi, India)

This was the first place we felt really comfortable in India. So hard to leave.


25 comments on “kasar devi (tranquility)

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  2. great to see some pictures from tranquility. stayed there about 6 months spread out over 3 visits. last was 1,5 years ago. one of the first to stay in the cottage you stayed down the terrain. I adopted luna 2,5 years ago. hope she is still there. one of the few places on the planet to feel really as if landed and no wish to leave.

  3. I would like to know more about Kesar Devi’s matchbox collection. I do collect matchboxes and would like to interact with people with similar interest.

  4. hello!
    beautiful article here i must say!… and interesting photography too…
    i had heard about kasardevi frm a few friends before… tourists like you… from israel… (i belong to india n live in delhi)…. but i never took it seriously… i love to travel alone… and today i am in rishikesh… but there isnt much to do here and besides m hungry for more natural and peaceful surroundings…… and after reading about kasar devi in your article i have finalized it to be my next destination!… after lot of thought…. i have given up on my himachal visit(state that i love to go to) and would rather take the morning bus to kasardevi….. thank you fr helping me decide! :-)….

  5. hi , i’m hardik chhatrala ,20 , medicine student ,karamsad, anand,india ; marvellous photography . i’m interested to know more about match box collection and interact with people with same interest and i think you can help.
    i have over 3000 UNIQUE intact match box collection of indian matchbox including 100 foreign ones !

  6. “Throughout India cigarette lighters are a luxury only the foreigners can afford”…waaaw c’mon that is a big exagerration. But indian matchboxes are beautiful. What part of India did you like the best ? I can assure you that there are places in the himalyas that will entrap you as if you were in a different world.

  7. Hello
    Iam Phillumenist last 42 years.I have 35000 match boxes in my collection.you
    have also very good match boxes but they all are new. I have given slogan for
    matchbox “collect match boxes for knowledge and brotherhood” Please write
    in detail about your collection on my e- mail add (adinathpareek@yahoo.co.in)

  8. @ Humble Genius.

    It should really say – “a luxury that only the Westerners seem to choose to spend their money on”. Sure Indians could choose to spend cash on lighters or Hummers for that matter (as I am sure some do and more are going to). Just that most choose a different way to spend their readies. Matches are virtually free anyway… and disposable anything sucks. May fav places – well I like the short stay in the mountains. Kasar Devi was nice as was Jageshwar. That was as far mountain as I got. Looking forward to getting lost there in the future. Gokarna was also lovely.

    @ Adinath and Hardik
    Wow that is a lot of match boxes you guys have! To you we’re simply amateurs! I wish you good luck on your collection! India is such a fantastic place for great matchboxes! Maybe you two can connect and trade some?

  9. Kasardevi is dead and also become dangerous for those who like smoking. Locals, they start to inform on people for baksish. That is sad reality. I live before in this place, 12 years ago, when Mohan cafè was small ducan and no tourist, only pacca charsi walla. That Bohemian time, they don’t come anymore. Punch in a stomach…..p.s kasardevi, almora adagiana in cycle……..1 hours 35 minutes…hi…hi…hi…hi…….

  10. Ah progress. You wonderful wretch. It is always bound to happen. In many way it was already done for two years ago when we were there, but at least still had some soul left.

    Keep seeking. The world has many forgotten corners still…

  11. hi
    I m manish, an engineering student from alwar rajasthan
    but my birth place is almora, a five-kilometre long horseshoe-shaped ridge, 1,650 metres above sea level. The town looks out over a fertile terraced valley and four ranges of hills – Banari Devi, Kasar Devi, Shyahi Devi and kalika devi.

    Almora is a magnificent town with a long history. The Kashaya Hill on which the town is built finds a mention in the scripture of the Skanda Purana.

    In 1560 Raja Kalyan Chand of Kumaon made it the capital of his kingdom. At that time it was called Rajapur and ancient inscriptions on many places still have Rajapur carved on them

    The rule of Chand dynasty came to an end after the gorkhas from Nepal occupied the area in 1790. The British defeated the Gorkhas in 1815, and established a small Army establishment and a Cantonment.Just below the town, on either side, flow the Koshi (Kaushaki) and Suyal (Salmali) rivers.

    SUCH A HEAVEN ON eaRTH………………………….

  12. hi,
    happy to see so much comments on Almora. i lived at almora now in Lucknow.
    Kasar devi has mystiq charm in it. one easily facinate with it. i wish i could stay there forever.
    @ manish! great job.

  13. I am a frequent visitor to Kasar Devi, my first visit was in December 2008 and since then I have been there more than 10 times. I love the peace that prevails in the air, the scenic mountains, friendly locals and the lovely food that is available at a reasonable price. Though I have traveled to many parts of the world including Zimbabwe, Denmark and Papua New Guinea but am fascinated by Kasar Devi since I just cant have enough of it and never gets bored visiting there. My favorite place to stay is Arjun Guest House and my favorite drink is Honey Ginger Lemon tea made by Gobind. People who like peace and tranquility can enjoy Kasar Devi to the max since you can be your own self there without any influence from the environment. I recommend travelers to maintain the peace and harmony of Kasar Devi so that all of us can enjoy it forever and ever and ever….

  14. @cdayton

    I don’t have any contact details for Tranquility I’m afraid. Your best bet would be to head to Almora and then up to Kasar Devi and spend a day in one of the many accomodation places on the top of the ridge.

    If you ask at one of the shops/cafes they’ll point you in the direction of Tranquility (or give you phone number) – back down the road to Almora – nearly the last place on the left before you start descending.

  15. That was the place, that used to make me smile; a place which connected me to Nature, The trees and that smoky smell, chirping of birds, the trail, there has to be something about that place, It’s very lively. Love and light:)

  16. Astonish! Feel positive energy here. Very tough to leave this place. Remarkable, peaceful nature. I love this. No more words i have. Just feel the magic and positive energy of nature.

  17. Kasar Devi area is amazing, i love it better than binsar and almora. It has a life and the area itself is very charged. Biking, trek, village visit and good cheap food is a bonus.

    Intrested in putting photos and articles in my travel book on Kumoan and website.

    Do email me photos / articles for almora, binsar, kasar at suvi.english@gmail.com


  18. For those of you inquisitive about Tranquility Guest House. Let me tell you that it is being run by a gentleman called Krishna Chandra Joshi and his wife (of french origin). It is at Sarai Pani, Almora (near Kasar Devi ofcourse). The mobile numbers, as they were some two years ago, are: 8006781993 and 9458374636. The ambience of the place indeed speaks for its name, i.e., tranquility (simply). I stumbled upon this place by chance, partly due to my inquisitive nature and partly due to my adventures. The place for a stranger is not easily accessible, and walking down the steep for good few minutes with no sign of a rest house ahead sends shiver down your spine in seemingly haunted and wild mountains. However, all you have to do is follow the dots (partly faded), and in the end you do find Tranquility Guest House. I spent some one hour in the company of Joshiji there over a cup of mint tea. The place certainly has tranquilizing effect on you. It is set in a different context and different time altogether. Must visit if you wish to explore silence inside you. And try maintain its silence and serenity. Strict NO for loud monkeys.

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