melbourne and archies creek

Summer Coastline (Archies Creek, South Gippsland)

The stunning view of the Australian coastline in South Gippsland. There is something about rolling hills that does it for me. Maybe it is the WinXP desktops?

Even cowgirls get the blues (Archies Creek, South Gippsland)

Who me? Taking photos all the time? Never.

Eye of Sauron (Archies Creek, South Gippsland)

A reflection through a window onto the wooden floor. A little spooky, but not as spooky as talking about a book, Guns Germs and Steel, and then turning on the TV and seeing the documentary advertised. Funnily enough the same thing happened in the same house the previous year with Baraka, except it wasn’t an ad, it was the movie playing.

Anarchy (Archies Creek, South Gippsland)

I don’t want to do you?

Renewable Whispers (Gippsland Coast, South Gippsland)

I don’t know about you but I just find wind turbines so beautiful.

Baffles (Melbourne, Australia)

These are quite large concrete pillars possibly for sound reduction but more likely just because they look good.

Lovin it! (St Kilda Beach, Melbourne)

We returned to the interesting St Kilda area we were at a year previously, before flying out on the Second leg. India here we come!

Woodie (St Kilda Beach, Melbourne)

One of the few wooden roller coasters I have seen down on the promenade beside St Kilda beach.

Aliens Landing (Melbourne Airport, Melbourne)

Here come the troops! Call homeland security!


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