new apartment, magpie’ing 102

heavy swivel chair
Heavy Swivel Chair (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

This is heavy. It must be cast or something. Found this in the alley behind our place. All the marks have pretty much come out with a sponge. It is in good shape and now ranks as the best computer chair I have ever owned.

Wooden Table

Wooden Table (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

Now this was a great score! Both the table and chair are in really great shape. The only problem was that I had to carry them about 5 blocks back to our house. The plates I picked up on the way back trip two with the chair. Funny thing is they match pranabanana’s parents set! The table top I sanded back. All it needs now is a coat of linseed oil – but I was too tight to pay $10 for a litre, when I only need a tiny bit. Maybe I’ll be able to borrow some off someone in the building.

Finished Table

Finished Table and Chair (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

Here it is. I still need to do a little more sanding, but nearly all the varnish is gone, and it is smooth and clean now. The roller wheels on the chair were pretty dark, maybe been in a place with paints or something? Anyway I needed something to stop it marking our brand new carpet, so I head back out to an alley a few blocks away to where I had see these carpet squares. Perfect! Well nearly anyway!

Kitchen Purchases

Kitchen Greenenss (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

So it was getting critical. We had a whole lot of stuff to be cleaned (all our new plates and pots etc) and we had nothnig to clean them with. I wandered up and down the drive scoping out the possibilities and without any effort it turned out that the great store Wonderbucks was by far the nicest, and cheapest place to get the necessaries.

  • Espresso Cups and Saucers 2 @ $1.00
  • 4 Pack of scrubbers @ $1.00 (No really. Only a loonie!)
  • 2 Scrubbing Brushes @ $2.00 (A bargin because the cheapest I had seen was 1 @ $3.79!!)
  • 3 Black Dishcloths 3 @ $1.00
  • Assorted Sandpaper @ $1.00 (This is maybe 10 sheets – I had seen single sheets for 99 cents at the local hardware store!)
  • Styling Green Dish-rack and drip tray @ $8.00

Grand Total of $19.21 including Taxes!

Three Seater

Unbelievable Three Seater (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

Ok now this is where it starts getting pretty unbelievable but just stay with me ok? I had walked past this couch which during my travels and both time had stopped to check it out. The sign read “FREE! Good couch. Needs Legs. Please Take Away”. We stopped past on the way home from the bus stop, and decided that it was in too good a shape to pass on. So the two of us carried it the 4 or 5 blocks back to our apartment, stopping every 20 metres or so for a breather.

By the time we were at the apartment pranabanana was toasted, so an apartment neighbour, helped us through the stairway down to the lift. Another cool cat from the third floor who moves furniture as a living helped my get the thing into the lift. It was tight but with his help – possible! He lugged it down the hall and into our apartment. People sure are friendly here.

So we get in in and wander down the hall to borrow a Vacuum cleaner from the neighbour, friends of our Kitsilano mate. See we now know a half dozen people in Vancouver. Nice to have people to borrow from in the same apartment! Ok it is all cleaned. Looking good.

It is pointed out to me just how similar to the two seater it is. I don’t really believe it until I see that the cushions that came with the two seater are an exact fabric match with the three seater. ‘You have got to be joking!’ I think to myself. We remover the legs of the two seater and mix and match the cushions and wow – don’t they just seem to be a match made in perfection land. Dark blue/green and purples it seems to be. Amazing stuff. I am still in shock. Can this really be possible? What are the chances of gettingtwo couches that match from the side of the road on opposite sides of the city? Explain that one to me science!

Old Singer Sewing Machine

–  Old Singer Sewing Machine (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

This was a good find. Beside a dumpster out the back of our apartment building. I couldn’t believe it. This will get a reaction! I tested it and it all appears to be running fine. It is old but that probably also equates to well built! Indestructible I bet!

I ask pranabanana if there was one more thing she would want to manifest – what would it be? A sewing machine! She doesn’t even hesitate. I show it to her speechless face!

Wow What an amazingly productive day. I realised that ofcourse as it is moving time all sorts of stuff is going to be thrown out! Anothers loss, our gain.

The apartment is already looking stunning just you wait and see…


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