new apartment, magpie’ing 103

So here we are on day three of the new apartment. Not quite as productive but off to a great start with some last minute additions from late on day two courtesy of our friend with the CRX (and the Telly and stuff)

Breakfast Chair

Breakfast Chair (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

Wow! I can’t believe we were just given this. Some people are so helpful. Not onlythat but it matches. Ilooks great next to the wooden table and gets all the light, great for eating breakfast and sipping an espresso in! Thanks again!

Wine Glasses and Knives

Kitchen Bits (commercial Drive, Vancouver)

Wow. The chair comes with kitchen accessories. We have a bread knife and some nice wine glasses and a small dicer and a water jug. Nice one! Thnaks again!

White plastic drawers

Dumpster Diving! (Commercial Drive)

So this was the first time I have actually had to retrieve anything from withing a dumpster. I was putting our rubbish out and these were in the dumpster. Not one to miss an opportunity I grabbed them out and gave them a quick clean. Should be great for onions and potatoes, or maybe the recycling. Good for something anyway!

Tartan Pillow

Tartan Pillow (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

I saw this on the way to the supermarket and collected it on the way back. Hey wouldn’t you know? It matches our couches. Purple and green [again]. Wow is this strange to anybody else as well?

Bowls and Cables

Bowls and Cables (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

Well as we don’t have anything to mix in until our stuff arrives from alberta this ought to do! The plastic breakfast bowls we don’t really need for the kitchen but will be good to add to the camping stuff. The little sugar container has never even been used!

The cables are part of my slowly growing IT/AV spare parts collection. I don’t know but as a techie it is impossible to resist.

Low Wooden Sideboard

Low Wooden Sideboard (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

In keeping with our lowered couches, I have just returned from magpie’ing this low wooden sideboard. It got heavy after the first block of carrying it by myself, but I got it home OK. It may not be destined to stay in this position, but it seems too good to pass on.


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