new apartment, magpie’ing 104 photoblog

So things have slowed down somewhat. We are pretty much sorted in our new place and have three boxes of stuff coming from Alberta. Not sure how much of it is stuff we are going to want/need but we’ve shipped it all about the place so we better try to fit it all in!

plates and utensils

Styling Yellow Glasses (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

Getting to the end of what is available in this neighbourhood, I came across a box of kitchen stuff, possibly the last of someones stuff in an apartment. Luckily for us anyway. The clear glass in an exact match for one I broke at a friends place so that will be nice to replace! The yellow ones are just pleasant. The blue plates match the ones we got the week before. Go figure! The wooden spoon and plastic fish slice have been so useful all ready.

wire racks

–  Wire Rackness (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

Nothing special. But just goes to show you what can be found when you are emptying the rubbish! They will be good for keeping the closets tidy.


Dueling Shelves (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

These were also in the dumpster. Pity their supports had been broken to fit them into the bin. No worries they look very useable.

desk and chair

Roller Boards (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

Now that didn’t take long. Their purpose was revealed nearly instantly. They make a much better replacement than those brown carpet tiles I had. The matching wood theme seems to be working really well also. And we can roll now!

brown tiles

Brown Tiles (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

The wooden roller boards allowed us to move the floor tiles in all their brown’ness, out on to the patio. A much better use – means we can walk on the deck in bare feet now.

little sideboard

Low Sideboard (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

I took a trip in the weekend to look at some old speakers I had seen. Unfortunately they were gone but I picked this up as a consolation prize. Sort of anyway. It didn’t look so good inside – so out onto the patio it went.

patio seating

Outdoor Furnishings (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

This has been one of the only areas we have spent any money in for furnishings. The yellow bean bag in all it’s glory, we picked up from a nearby yard sale. Apparently it has a dot com history. Left out in the cold after the bubble burst of something. Maybe that is why the yellow? Anyway we love it. $15 of fun! Even veggie friendly! The mat was another purchase from the local dollar shop. $5 for that one, but we spend a lot of time chilling out here so seems like a sound investment. The black thing is a resin pot holder or something – now a table for us. The low sideboard from above is now seating using the tartan pillow from last week.

hanging baskets

Baskets and Balls (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

These balls were from the Salvation Army at $2 the lot. They are intended for going over Christmas lights when we get them. In the mean time they fill these $2 hanging baskets we picked up at a yard sale after the farmers market.

shelving boards

Shelves Galore (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

A bargain for sure. We bought six nice shelves for $4 from the super friendly bean bag guy. They matched all the other light pine we had found so going to be put to good use.

board stereo

Board Stereo Shelf (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

Well it was about time I unpacked my stereo. I wasn’t sure it would work with the small portable stereo speakers, but they go fine on the end of the fatter amp. One of the boards makes for a good speaker stand to get them up off the floor. Should help keep us on the good side with the neighbours!

board block

Board Block (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

We tried this in a few layouts but this seems to work the best. We just stacked them and aligned the edges, making them look like one large laminated block. I like it!

make-culture light

un-Standard Lamp (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

We had a lighting issue in the living room. So we picked up this lamp base at a yard sale for a mere $3. The energy saving bulb was another $3.30. We tested it and the lamp was all working fine. Now all we needed was a classy shade. Wonderbucks to the rescue. For $6 we picked up this hanging shade. With only minor customisation using some chopped chop sticks across the base we had this light. It is awesome. We love it. $12.30 of make-culture fun!

pot plant

Window View (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

Here is the lamp again, at home in the window. The plant is about the only other thing we have spent dollars on. It was $10 and although it wasn’t essential, we decided we needed at least one plant. It is pretty crazy. It’s name is Icarusfor the little fliers around the bottom, flying towards the lamp.

eggplant grilled

Eggplant Griller (Commercial drive, Vancouver)

By not spending much to furnish our place it has allowed us to a pay a little for other essentials. We have had so much use out of our flat plate panini squasher we just had to find a replacement. This is it $60 of fun. Better than the flat toaster it can also grill. Veggie indoor BBQ you say? Damn straight! We have already done eggplant and tofu on it. Makes a bit of a mess but hey sure does taste good!

made at home

Made at Home (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

We hiked across to the other side of town early Sunday morning to inspect and purchase a new (to us) bread-maker. A good score at $25 including a recipe book! We came straight home and got the ingredients to make bread. This was the meal that night. Eggplant grilled on the new grilly’thing. Pasta with homemade pesto from the gifted choppy’thing. Lovely wholemeal loaf from the toasty’thing. What an end to a great weekend!


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