new apartment, magpie’ing 101

new apartment commercial drive

All Moved In (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

So this is it. We are now living in Vancouver. Spent the day with a helper moving all our stuff into our new apartment. Surprised pranabanana completely. We are sitting on one of our two futon mattresses that we got in the first weekend staying in Kitsilano. This was the start of magpie’ing Vancouver style. I refer to the art of furnishing an apartment spending as little as possible. With FREE being the ultimate goal. It is absolutely amazing what you can find for yourself.

the new couch

Awesome Two Seater (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

This is what prompted the day of moving. We had seen this on a walk to the bus stop. By 11 am we had it in the back of a tiny CRX liftback and on it’s way to it and our, new home. It is in stunning condition, better than any couch I have had, and that includes ones I have bought new. (Take a special notice of the cushions – you’ll see why in the later photos)

hex Wooden and glass coffee table

Hex Coffee Table (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

This is the coffee table that the previous owners of the two seater couch offered me when they heard we had just arrived in Vancouver. There are two toys, a green plastic airplane and a red flat deck matchbox truck that doubles as a nifty sliding ashtray. The toys we found on Kitsilano beach. The metal tin I found down the road last night and is now a coin and pen holder. The incense is lovely Sandalwood from Little India on main.

table and cd stereo

Card Table, CD Stereo and TV (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

This table is a loaner. The TV was donated from a fantastic friend. The CD Stereo came from the couch and coffee table folk.

Pots and plates

Plates and Pots (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

It isn’t very interesting I know, but they play a part in Magpie’ing 101 for sure. Before them we had nothing. Sure the pots are loosing their teflon and we’ll get rid of them as soon as finances (or manifestations) permit, but the plates are all in good shape. The strainer will always come in handy. The glasses were a house warming gift from the TV donor! Beer and Take Home Thai anyone?

Bed and Mirror Lights

Bed and Mirror with rope lights (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

This mirror was given to us by the friend we have being staying with in Kitsilano. Excellent stuff. pranabanana has always wanted a decent full length mirror. Our Bed is one of the futon mattresses we got on weekend one. The rope lights were dug out of storage when we were back in Olds.

Free Vaccuum

Free Vacuum Cleaner (Vancouver, Commercial Drive)

No one – and I mean no one should have to pay for a vacuum cleaner. Well we were donated this from the couch and TV crew. Good score.