photoblog september 6, 2006

Here is a new pos to the photoblog series with a few more acquisitions for the apartment, borsch soup, and pranabanana hard at work. Photoblogging seems like a good way to tell a story of what is going on so I will probably contnue in this tradition as time and energy permits. I hope you enjoy!


Black Lamp (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

This was in the alley behind our flat. We had to put a bulb in it, but we now have a lamp for the bedroom! $3.30 for the energy saving bulb.

books and yellow box

Yellow Books (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

This was with the lamp. A free far side and copy of Dune! When we say the yellow we instantly realised that this will be the matching table for the dotcom beanbag. I haven’t worked out the significance of the yellow as yet, but it sure is bright and cheery!

bread maker

Breadmaker (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

This was the bargain I mentioned we got over the weekend, $25 with a recipe book included! The noodlebox magnetic thingy is from New Zealand.  It is amazing some of the things that we shipped!


Bubbling Borsch (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

If like me, you have never had the opportunity to try borsch then you are missing out. This is a close up of the batch I made last night boiling away in the pot. You can also see a nice pic on Hermitage Place.


Borsch! (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

I obviously went for the biggest color clash I could get. It isn’t often you get to eat a really red dish of food, on a blue plate, on a yellow box. Stay tuned and I will get the recipe up for you all. It is incredibly easy to make, and I am hoping I may have got some sort of honorary Ukrainian membership by making it. Guaranteed to make you “Strrrrong like bull!”

icarus plant

Icarus Flies (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

A close up of Icarus. What a great plant. Apparently it is a picturatum, or spider plant.

pranabanana blogs

Pranabanana Blogs (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

I really like this photo. Has quite a surreal feel to it. Good old photoshop for getting the levels right.

mouse blue berries

Frozen Blue Berries (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

We got a lot of berries at the farmers market in the weekend and froze them for use in porridge, smoothies etc when they are out of season. The thing is frozen blue berries make an awesome snack. Highly recommended.

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