street art – vancouver stage two

Hallucinate This (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

This was on the back of a funky van parked just off the Drive. Sweet Runner

Caution Birds (Kitsilano, Vancouver)

A nice little stencil on a sign beside some disued railway tracks

Beautiful Composite (Kitsilano, Vancouver)

Near the same railway tracks, a heavily bombed power sub box.

Buried Alive (White Rocks, BC/US Border)

An engraved sidewalk paver. All the rest were things like “Joan and Robert Anderson, and family”. This was by far the cleverest.

Cafe Toilet Door (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

This is the nice artistic door in the toilet of Blacks Cafe (I think it is).

Puppet (Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver)

Mr Stephen Harper, Puppet of Canada

Birdbees (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

Watcher (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

Red Eye(Downtown, Vancouver)

Fraidy Cat (Downtown, Vancouver)

Chicks Alive (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

I love East Van (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

Live Free (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

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