street art – vancouver stage one

Weird Streets (Downtown, Vancouver)

Well on the walk to the movies we took one of the down and out streets where a lot of street people hangout. Vancouver has managed to cluster all the clinics and support centres in one place – which seems like a stupid idea to me. The BC is Fucked Sticker was a bonus. I guess that is the new Conservative Prime Minister?

Sideways Manga (Downtown, Vancouver)

This one was particularly interesting as it was drawn sideways. So few lines to give such a strong prescence

Devil in Silver (Downtown, Vancouver)

A sketched reproduction of middle ages block print perhaps?

Mustachioed Businessman (Downtown, Vancouver)

Maybe a suit drew this in his lunch break?

70’s Style Poster (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

Crazy Birds (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

Detailed bird painting outside a shop. Cool. Very cool. It is things like this that give ‘The Drive’ a bit of character, rather than the array of yuppie stores. Gentrification sucks.

Street Art Truck (Kitsilano, Vancouver)

Wow this truck is covered on all sides with high quality art. Stunning. Quite what it is doing parked at a building site in trendy Kitsilano I don’t quite know.

Stoneface (Kitsilano, Vancouver)

Hooded Meditation (Kitsilano, Vancouver)

Designer Window (Downtown, Vancouver)

This sticker design stretched across a number of windows on a high rise building. Classy corporate art.


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