sydney christmas 2005

New Beginnings (Over the Pacific Ocean)

This was it. A long time in the planning. The end of a phase and the start of a new leg of exploration.

Bondi Humanity (Bondi, Australia)

All the beautiful people. They look like ants from here.

Boardwalk Installation (Bondi, Australia)

Demonstrating some of the historical art energy the boardwalk is covered in Street Art. One afternoon there was an installation someone had set up. All the handwritten things are things like “You are Beautiful”, “I am God”, “You are God”. Quite out-there. Nice one. (Some of the other Stencils, Stickers and StreetArt are already on this page)

Santa Hats (Bondi, Australia)

“C’mon. You know the drill.”

Michelle It’s the Hoff’Meister (Bondi, Australia)

You got to love him. Bus stand advertising part of a whole campaign. Oh yeah._now_ I wanna buy it!

Multicultural Peace Wall (Bondi, Australia)

Tech Support! (Bondi, Australia)

Now wouldn’t you just love to drive around in this.

No Hippies (Bondi, Australia)

Long Haired Freaky people need not apply!

Walk this Way (Bondi, Australia)

Always monkeying about. Can’t take her anywhere!

Just Listen (Bondi, Australia)

Stunner (Bondi, Australia)


It Does (Bondi, Australia)

No no. It does.

Christmas Cheer (Bondi, Australia)

Who would have thought Bondi? But here we all are.

Poise (Bondi, Australia)

Headheight on a footpath I just about ate it. “Attention. Attention”

Rockin Stomp (Bondi, Australia)

Hollwood Digs (Bondi, Australia)

Skate Life (Sydney, Australia)

Fondue Fandango (Sydney, Australia)

Retro Airways (Sydney, Australia)

Pink Grapefruit (Sydney, Australia)

Now that is stunning.


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