tribeadelic festival 2005 photos

Swimming in 40 degrees (Tribeadelic, Australia)

You can count on the Aussies to camp properly. The thing is you sort of have to be pretty prepared to be sitting out in 40 degrees temperatures, let alone dancing in it! These guys provide a pool chill space open to all. Awesome.

Toilet Trucks (Tribeadelic, Australia)

Well I hadn’t seen these until I got to Australia . They make a good job of it actually, although they were very strange to enter at 3am under the fluorescent lights, standing next to a massive extraction fan to have a leak. Trippy to say the least.

Shade Extreme (Tribeadelic, Australia)

A stunning shade setup . There is a tent at the back then a massive reflective tarp anchored well up into neighbouring trees. It provided shade the whole day. An older, well experienced trooper for sure.

Ready. Set. Go (Tribeadelic, Australia)

The main stage is just about to kick off. The grass hasn’t even been flattened yet. It looked stunning with no one on the floor with the lights shining through the tall grass.

Main Floor (Tribeadelic, Australia)

In the heat and dust on New Years day. You have to hand it to them. Unfazed.

Techno Purists Sux (Tribeadelic, Australia)

The crowd up close and personal

Bikini Clad (Tribeadelic Festival)

If you didn’t know it already you should. Party people are the most beautiful, in a feral sort of way.

Dancefloor Deco (Tribeadelic, Australia)

Some good lycra stretching and you can see the other bigger structures in the background.

Speaker Stack Views (Tribeadelic, Australia)

This is the view of the party the left stack of speakers had. I pretty much danced the party away right here with this motley bunch of dust kickers.

Grass View (Tribeadelic, Australia)

From the very back, behind the shade areas.

Through the Deco (Tribeadelic, Australia)

This was taken through one of the UV deco pieces. It was made with lots of welded wire strips painted with UV reactive paints. It looked pretty good at night.

Parasol Dancer (Tribeadelic, Australia)

Turns out this is an effective way of keeping those rays off.

Sunhats (Tribeadelic, Australia)

Mmm shade.

Dusty Feet (Tribeadelic Festival)

After a night and day of dancing in the dust, this is what my feet looked like. Showering is for metrosexuals!

Swiss Connection (Tribeadelic, Australia)

Our mate from the land of fondue. He sure looks like he has just stepped out of a shower eh?

Wide Shade (Tribeadelic, Australia)

Teepees all round.

Music Party (Tribeadelic, Australia)

Someones well loved party blanket.

Ghost Tree (Tribeadelic, Australia)

A beautiful tree. Fire ravaged maybe?

Sepultura  (Tribeadelic, Australia)

As I have always suspected, lots of people in the psy-trance scene with hard rock backgrounds.

Main Dance Floor (Tribeadelic, Australia)

In panoramic for your viewing pleasure. A pretty good turn out but not as many as expected with thelast minute venue change.

Dirty Happy Faces (Tribeadelic, Melbourne)

The wrist pass by the end of the festival. Got to love the Aussie dust.

2 comments on “tribeadelic festival 2005 photos

  1. heya how soon can we turn up the the party, like thurs or friday?? and how much are tics at mo and where to purchase? thanks heaps jane

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