vancouver stage one

Sky Buildings (Downtown, Vancouver)

Took a drive around Vancouver in our first weekend here and fired some shots off from the car window. There are just so many new high rise apartments throughout the downtown area I couldn’t help but capture some.

Flared Forest (Pacific Spirit Reserve, Vancouver)

Took a trip out to Pacific Spirit reserve, still in central Vancouver, near the University. Lovely to see old growth doing well in the city.

Stepping Logs (Pacific Spirit Reserve, Vancouver)

Soaking up the afternoon rays. Ah at last a city that has some good walking available.

Sunset Harbour (Kitsilano, Vancouver)

Dinner on the roof of an apartment building watching the sunset while eating grilled vegetables and veggie burgers. Life is good.

Kitten Girl (Frances Street, Vancouver)

We are house sitting for a couple of weeks. Well in reality we are kitten sitting. This is Chikita the kitten in question. Lots of nibbling on facial features like ears, nostrils, beards etc seems to be the order of the day.

Stained Peacock (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

Everywhere in this basement flat there is something nice to look at. So much positive energy.

Vegetarian Frog Cakes (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

Just a few minutes walk from where we are is the Uprising Breads garrison of the slightly warped frog cupcake army.

Iced Rubbish (Downtown, Vancouver)

I don’t tihnk there are many places in the world you see old ice skates amongst rubbish. Beautiful.

Chinese Bottle (Frances Street, Vancouver)

Such an awesome bottle. It stands only about 70mm high and has amazing detail.

Bakesale Bombers (Frances Street, Vancouver)

Why is it? That is all I wan’t to know. Two weeks ago the ‘defense’ minister got approval to spend $5 billion on some new planes to assist in troop movement in FOREIGN countries. Hmmm. Doesn’t sound much like a defense force now does it?


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