vancouver stage two

What means this “Work” (UBC, Vancouver)

Here she is all dress up, and just been offered a contract to start work. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Congratulations you clever thing. Crap now its my turn I guess.

Fluffy Wagon I (Kitsilano, Vancouver)

You read that right. This car is completely covered in fluffy textile. Groovy baby.

Fluffy Wagon II (Kitsilano, Vancouver)

This time again from the front. Pure style.

Border Billboard (Peach Arch, British Columbia)

This was a pretty funny billboard on the last stretch to the border crossing.

Canadian Resident with Flag (Peach Arch Park, BC/US Border)

It’s official. I’m in. we’re unstoppable now!

Apocalypse X (Granville Island, Vancouver)

This is probably the largest kite I have ever seen.

Rooftree (Downtown, Vancouver)

Another first. There are some nice looking buildings in Vancouver (for highrises)

Festival of India (Stanley Park, Vancouver)

A little taste of India

Hare Express (Stanley Park, Vancouver)

Sunny Shoulders (Stanley Park, Vancouver)

God Head (Stanley Park, Vancouver)

Beauty (Stanley Park, Vancouver)

Raccoon Fun (Stanley Park, Vancouver)

A first for me. I joined the other tourists taking snaps of these crazy little mamals. They seemed pretty fearless which probalby means they get into your rubbish etc. Sure do look nice though

Watching Bon’s Breakfast (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

Went for our first breakfast at the famously busy Bon’s for an all day breakfast. At 1:30pm

When Aliens Took Over (Commerial Drive, Vancouver)

On the wall at Bon’s.

“Organic Fair Trade – Man!” (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

Where are the Orc Torch Bearers? (Commercial Drive, Vancouver)

Mushroom Madness (Frances Street, Vancouver)

A close up of the mad schrooms we picked up in Chinatwon.

Delectable Dragon Fruit (Frances Street, Vancouver)

Amazingly delicious. The Dragon Fruit is something like a kiwifruit in texture with a refreshingly not too sweet tatse. You have to try it.

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