ya ha tinda, alberta

Burnt Offerings (Ya Ha Tinda, Alberta, Canada)

The weather was perfect so we set off to Ya Ha Tinda in the foothills of the rockies for a day in the sun. Stunning scenery.

Dreaming Dwarfs (Ya Ha Tinda, Alberta, Canada)

Fires in the last few years left swathes of dead and stunted pines. Apparently the timber that remains is excellent for building as it has been fire tempered – yet is virtually undamaged (although dead).

Blue Magic (Ya Ha Tinda, Alberta, Canada)

Completely surrounded by mountains we stopped in a recreation reserve where the ‘horsey people’ come to play in the weekends. The rockies proper in the distance.

Mini Pinecones (Ya Ha Tinda, Alberta, Canada)

Closeup of some cute pinecones. It’s is all a little stunted up here. Must be damn cold under a few feet of snow. This pinkie ring replaces one that unfortuantely yumped off my finger on one of the aeroplane legs coming to Canada. Hmm must have been time for a change.

Pine Ravine (Ya Ha Tinda, Alberta, Canada)

Lovely little gorge with crystal clear, and damn cold water flowing through it.

Sunlit Glances (Ya Ha Tinda, Alberta, Canada)

Grin From Below (Ya Ha Tinda, Alberta, Canada)

Was so good to be out in nature again. Canada really has some nice scenery. Loving it.

Wide Waterfall (Ya Ha Tinda, Alberta, Canada)

This is the waterfall we walked up to, flowing into the ravine visible in the previous photos. Beautiful.

Olds From Olds (Ya Ha Tinda, Alberta, Canada)

Femme Familia (Ya Ha Tinda, Alberta, Cananda)

The females of the family being admired, admiring the view.

Crew Rest (Ya Ha Tinda, Alberta, Canada)

Well deserved afternoon snoozing, on a belly full of charred potatoes

One comment on “ya ha tinda, alberta

  1. “Gorgeous”, I’ve been there many times and the beauty never surprises me….oh if we could just put it in safe keeping’s forever! Thanks
    I have many film photos i have not scanned as of yet but will do!
    Ray…ie Ray of Sunshine…. smiles to all amongst you.

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