the plan

The constantly evolving shape of how I want my life to be.

Well this has all changed somewhat, but nothing really earth shattering.

We are now settled in Vancouver and if all goes well I should have a reliable source of income in a fulfilling job. Or at least a reliable source of income.

It is so hard to get back into work mode after not working for the better part of a year. All this crap that goes along to make me play the role of ‘dynamic team player, to fit into an office with a bunch of people I would probably never associate with otherwise. It comes down to the money.

Still with a suitable future visible, my dreams all seem possible. The cash, as evil and distasteful as I find it, will probably go to fund further travel (although I think in the interests of doing my part in the reduction of greenhouse gasses I would like to find greener travelling methods than carbon belching aeroplanes) or be added to our earthship fund. The earthship being the Rosetta Stone to the puzzle of what the hell do I want to do with my life. The paradine shift has begun.

6 comments on “the plan

  1. Is the mis-spelled “paradine” intentional? Like, a paradigm shift of the spelling of the word?

    Also re: “…people I would probably never associate with otherwise…” – be careful you do not emulate the characteristics you are (presumably) against; namely: prejudice. Let’s remember that the word/concept of “community” was never meant to mean a homogenized group of people who are alike, but by definition, needs to be diverse – and everyone needs to accept diversity – not just the mainstream folks, but alternative ones, too. Hope you’ve made your peace with money, as it (as a conduit) is not the source of the problem – it is simply a contrived symbol of abundance (or lack thereof). Better to think of the greed and unethical use of money as the source of “evil.”

    In short, be careful not to set yourself so apart, so “anti”, that you never end up finding your path. All paths involve getting along with people, like ’em or not.


    • Hey nice comment!

      Thanks for taking the time. I haven’t looked at that page in a long time.It was probably last updated 3 years ago after arriving in Van after 6 months travelling in India. I was pretty shell shocked and not really looking forward to corporate life again.

      I don’t really have any prejudice against prejudice – it seems like a big part of who and what I (we?) am, and I’m better off acknowledging that part of me, rather than suppressing it.

      The usual story of ‘forgetting’ that we’re all connected is just so much more prevalent when I find myself surrounded by people whose dis-similarities are so much more evident than our similarities. That’s what I should expect – I’m really the one entering their [corporate] world. I’ve since changed to a less corp workplace and I get along much better/easier with the new folk.

      I live a good life and the money takes care of itself. You are correct though that as I loose my distaste of money I seem to be doing a better job of attracting it :) Now to find the right piece of land….

      Re the anti – again it is the forgetting we are one syndrome. The good news is every occasion I meet the ‘anti’ it’s just a little opportunity to embrace it, (them) and learn, and grow. Or not as well I guess. No path is right or wrong. Ain’t life a miracle?

  2. Hi I am studying sound engineering and music technology in ireland and currently working on a psytrance project, I looking forward to do more gigs and would appreciate if you’ll have some work for me. You can listen to my music on myspace .. . Hope to hear from you soon.Thanks

  3. Hello! Just popping by to say thanks for the mixes :)

    I play a little Psy as well ..mostly the full on kind and sometimes some of the “new” goa stuff. (preview / stream) (direct download)

    This mix was for a radio show (new york) hosted by a fellow member on the TorontoRaves forums – Ladybass. Mix of (mostly) older tunes this time. Have a listen and/or say hi if you want. I am from Vancouver too! :)

    Take Care,


  4. Hey man,

    Joe aka kattnip from psydj here.

    Would you be interested in updating the spamfilter on or hooking me up with admin access to the site and I’ll see if I can do it myself if you’re too busy?


    • HI ya Katnip!

      Let me see what I can do about getting you access. I’d love it if you wanted to take a look at the phpbb. I don’t think there is a spam filter upgrade or anything – but often just upgrading to the latest phpbb version comes with a major filter upgrade. New captcha technology – and surely better tools for handling, blocking and deleting as currently it’s a real pain.It’s hosted on a friends server so I’ll drop him a message and see if he is ok with giving you access. I just don’t seem to have the time to maintain it. I’d also be interested in redirecting to your own site if you had a better plan for the site instead?



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