home on the range

Canola Fields (Evansburg, Alberta)

Fields upon fields of yellow canola, and I do mean yellow. These are bright.

Grainy Silos (Evansburg, Alberta)

The old grain silos and wooden sheds.

Canola Cousins (Evansburg, Alberta)

Soaking up some of the 30 degree heat on the dusty farm road. Summer is in full swing.

Sunset Buildings (Evansburg, Alberta)

Another 11pm sunset, not that it ever seemed to get to fully dark.

Dessert Darkness (Evansburg, Alberta)

Relaxing around the fire after eggless cheesecake dessert

It’s my Birthday (Evansburg, Alberta)

Doing the birthday dance in front of the flaming cheesecake

Sherlock’s Tongue (Evansburg, Alberta)

The ever friendly Sherlock doing his best to lick the camera to death.

Treasure Hunt (Evansburg, Alberta)

One of a series of fiendishly clever clues in a fiendishly clever treasure hunt

Treasure Hunt (Evansburg, Alberta)

We aren’t stumped. Not even a little bit. Ok so where to next?

Fireside Grandparents (Evansburg, Alberta)

Soaking up the flames the patriach and matriach of the family farm enjoy the entertainment

Fireworks Fun (Evansburg, Alberta)

One of the benefits of having a birthday on Canada Day is that there are always fireworks on sale (oh and it is a public holiday and nationwide celebration)

Coloured Flames (Evansburg, Alberta)

Some beautifully coloured flames in the firepit courtesy of a copper pipe with a piece of fibreglass re-inforced rubber hose inside. It turns out that this produces the most intense coloured flames. Good party trick!

International 403 (Evansburg, Alberta)

Closeup of one of the old harvesters

Wheels and Pulleys (Evansburg, Alberta)

Another closeup of the same harvester


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