juan de fuca trail – mystic beach (part 2 of 2)

Fresh Water (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

Hemp Holder (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

Beavering away on hemp handicrafts, didn’t want those fingertips anyway.

Sunglasses Holder (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

Fireside Rendezvous (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

Engage Relaxation Mode (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

Jitterbug Perfume. What a fantastic book.

Watcher (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

Tidal Caves (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

As the tide receeded access to the close end of the beach opened up to reveal a number of small caves.

Damn Monkey’s (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

Not matter where we end up those monkeys seem to follow.

No Fog in Here! (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

Brr. It got a little cold out there. Where did the sun go?

Shake ‘n Shed (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

Don’t ask me. I’m not doing it!

Broken Trousers (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

Those damn waves will sneak up on you when you least expect it. No wander fishing is the most dangerous sport.

Slimed (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

Slimy seaweed or freshwater? I couldn’t tell, but maybe freshwater as it was dripping constantly on to this lovely sea of green.

Queen of the Rocks (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

A bird? A Plane? (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

Found Frisbee (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

Wahoo! Nothing like a Frisbee that manifested itself for us. The ultimate skinning up implement to replace those left behind (oh and you can throw them apparently as well?). Ah starting to feel settled here.

Leaving Already? (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

Boots ‘n all and we start the hike on out.

Caterpillar’s Hookah Cushion? (Mystic Beach, British Columbia)

So we are hiking out on the trail and come across a fluffy cushion. Pink no less. Complete with fungus tribute sitting atop. We hunted and hunted but couldn’t find the caterpillar or his hookah. Very weird.

Rhinestone Heat (Victoria, British Columbia)

Getting a bit hot in the back there. Lucky there is a stylin pair of rhinestone glasses to deflect some of those rays!

On the Road Again (Victoria, British Columbia)

Self portrait as we leave the mist and drive past Victoria to the awaiting ferry back to Vancouver.

Waiting (Victoria, British Columbia)

Waiting Shadows (Victoria, British Columbia)

The trusty Grand Am SE steed that has taken us far and wide in three short weeks. Thank You!

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